Investing Is Not Just For the Stock Market

Investment pieces—items in one’s closet that yield lots of mileage—will often carry you through multiple seasons.  An appropriate investment piece is an article of clothing that fits you perfectly and can be styled in a variety of ways.  You’ll wear it on a dinner date on Saturday, to an important business meeting on Tuesday, and to happy hour with friends on Thursday evening.  Since these pieces will be the heart of your wardrobe, you want to choose them cautiously.

In order to start investing in your wardrobe, you want to select pieces that can be dressed up or down.  For example, you dress up a pair of jeans by throwing on statement jewelry, a structured jacket, a pair of heels, and a cute clutch handbag.  You dress down a pair of jeans by throwing on a slinky white tee, a cute pair of sneakers, and a crossbody handbag.

Spring Essentials

What to look for this spring and summer

As the days get warmer, try to gather a collection of wardrobe staples so that you can be cute as well as comfy.  This collection includes: white jeans, a denim jacket, a utility vest, a tight-fitting skirt, a tote for the beach, a clutch handbag, a pair of wedges, a panama hat, a couple of solid color bikinis, and a few pairs of sunglasses.

15 for 30

What to look for year-round

Seek out true fabrics as opposed to patterns that are painted onto a fabric.  To make this consideration, simply turn the garment inside out—if the pattern is the same throughout, it’s a quality product.  Spend more money on items that feel heavy in your hand and contain a great deal of stitching to create structure for the body.  Also, if you stretch an item, the item should have very little give—if the item bounces back, it will likely stretch out during the day and create a “saggy buns” look that you definitely do NOT want!  If you think of your closet in terms of percentages, 40% should be everyday items, 40% should be high quality pieces, and 20% should be the showstoppers that won’t get much wear.

LV Woman (

You’ve invested in your education, now invest in your wardrobe.  Investing  in the stock market isn’t a bad idea either!

~Divine Danette

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