WCW: The sTory of Burch


Tory Burch is the Chairman, CEO, and Designer for Tory Burch LLC. At the age of 50, she is still turning heads with exceptional design skills and superior fashion sense.

She began her work early as she was employed for Zoran, a Yugoslavian designer, directly out of college and shortly after worked for Harper’s Bazaar magazine. She worked in public relations for Ralph Lauren, Loewe, and Vera Wang.


In 2004, Tory Burch started his own fashion label. Upon the opening of her first store in Manhattan, her clothing flew out the doors. Everyone wants a piece of Tory Burch clothing. In light of her success, Burch started the Tory Burch Foundation in 2009 to support women entrepreneurs that were looking to pursue their dreams just as she did.  Today, Burch in world renowned and noted as the 73rd most powerful woman by Forbes

Her love for fashion and philanthropy continues to carry Tory to success in her field as well as allow other women to follow in her footsteps in the pursuit of their dreams.


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