Dr. White Coat Beware!

Is that white coat wearing you? Are you sinking into the crowd with those scrubs?

The medical field certainly has its drawbacks when it comes to fashion. With bacteria running rampant, sacrificing your health, or that of the patient’s, just to dress up a little is not a smart decision—to say the least.

How do we get around this problem?

Despite common myth, pediatricians and veterinarians are not the only ones who can wear the fun, fab, and fashionable to work. If Mickey Mouse is what you want to wear, there is nothing to stop you! However, we should keep in mind that not every situation calls for a magical mouse with white gloves… that is unless he plans to scrub up! In which case we have another problem entirely—but that is for another time.

A simple, floral fashion can make all the difference! You may need to be sanitized and sanitary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself. Whether you want to flare up, fashion down, or just be you, the first thing a patient will see is you… and your clothes. If your patient sees a cold, white coat, or a sad face in solid scrubs, what will that patient-doctor relationship look like? Some patients are under the care of dozens of doctors and nurses whose faces they can’t forget fast enough! A kooky tie, or a funky pair of scrubs can bring a smile to the face of someone who is, most likely, in a worse circumstance than you.

Is your team in the playoffs?

Is your favorite holiday around the corner?

Show your support with some sports scrubs or patriotic ties for Memorial Day! A simple getup is a great way to break the ice, not only with a new patient, but, once you get into a habit of distinguishing yourself from your colleagues, returning patients will recognize and remember you—make sure it’s for the right reasons! You can find scrubs with your team logo on them; check out these scrubs for next years Major League Baseball Champions.


And, even if you are required to have antimicrobial scrubs, there are a number of websites that still offer fun, printed scrubs for both men and women. This all hasn’t been to tell you something new—perhaps a new website or two—but rather to remind you that you need not be weighed down by certain, specific scrubs, or a wearisome, white coat. You are your own person, so dress like it!



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