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Graduation is closer than it may appear.  You’ve tried, you’ve studied, you’ve slept, you’ve wept.  Now you’re thinking about your “WHAT’S NEXT?”  Unfortunately, the days of rolling out of bed at 7:55 AM to make it to that 8:00 AM class are just about over, and that rolled out of bed routine and accompanying ensemble just won’t do.  Fret not though!  Divine Danette from the Care2Wear Team will have you on fleek by looking oh so chic (for cheap)!

Invest in a tailor

Most women only get items tailored when they’re going to prom or when they’re in a wedding, but a good tailor can be a woman’s best friend.  An item that is perfectly tailored to fit your body will have you looking fabulous.

If you can’t afford a tailor, invest in a collection of safety pins in a variety of colors, and discreetly use them in the seams of your garments.  In other words, fake it until you make it.

Start purchasing investment pieces, pronto

Investing isn’t just for the stock market.  You have invested in your future by furthering your education—now it’s time to invest in your style.  Investment pieces are signature articles of clothing around which you build your outfit.  A structured dress, a quality pant, a fitted jacket, a curve-hugging skirt, a signature handbag, etc. all qualify as investment pieces.

Investment Pieces (Harper's Bazaar)

To get started, consider purchasing items from a designer consignment store such as The Vault, Women’s Closet Exchange, and Clothes Mentor.   All of the items are gently used so they’re in excellent condition, and sometimes you can find items that have never before been worn with the tags still attached.

Add on some statement jewelry

Statement jewelry is uh . . . jewelry that makes a bold statement of course!  Be careful though— one statement piece really does speak for itself, so be mindful to make one statement at a time.

Chico’s and Nordstrom are great places to buy statement jewelry—especially at the end of a season when items are sold for 50% off or more.  If you’re on a budget, Charming Charlie is great also, and the store is designed for customers to shop for items by color.  Super convenient!

Don’t forget the extra touches

The extra touches are the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Extra touches include: trendy nails, false eyelashes, large sunglasses, large hat, and eye-popping make-up to complete the look.

Hone the chic attitude

A chic attitude—i.e. confidence—is a must have.  In fact, don’t leave home without it!

Karl Quote

When you look good, you feel good.  And others can’t help but to notice.

~We do not own any of the above pics.  All rights reserved to the owners.


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