Garance Dore is a French illustrator, photographer, and author. She breathes and bleeds fashion, style, and grace. She is best known for her blog, Atelier Dore, that highlights style, beauty, and lifestyle. Before the birth of her blog, she worked as a freelance illustrator in Paris.


Her illustrations, like the one above, lead her to work with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Dior, Kate Spade, and Gap. As her illustrations grew, her blog was born, and her writing took off. Her book Love Style Life shows the world of fashion through her eyes and highlights the beauty of the fashion world. Her work in the press has also been featured in GQ, Vogue, and the New York Times.  garance-dore-main

Her photography has been featured in J. Crew and Tiffany & Co. She has truly dedicated her life to not only the image of fashion but the lifestyle it promotes. At the age of 41, her influence in the fashion world in engrained and cemented. She an icon and has been deemed the “guardian of all style” by the New York Times. Not too shabby if we do say so ourselves.

549912a857e51_-_hbz-may-2014-fashion-news-garance-dore-embed-lg (1)

We do not own any of these images. All rights are reserved for the rightful owner.


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