Warm Weather Hair

~by Divine Danette from the Care2Wear Team

Are you wanting to change your hair along with the changing of the season?  Elevate your hair game by trying out a new cut, style, and/or color!  The spring and summer seasons are perfect for a hair revival, and you don’t have to be Hollywood royalty to look like it.

Natural curls

You’ve spent the fall and winter in a love affair with your flat iron, so now it’s time to embrace your curls this spring and summer.  The “wash and go” style will give your look a major overhaul!



Short and Sexy

When the weather warms up, cool down with a sassy hair cut.  If you’re short on funds, consider going to a local hair school for the haircut–you can get the look without the higher price.



1920s Bob

The 1920’s Throwback Vibe

Nothing’s sexier than a retro fashionista (or fashionister).  Tap into your inner Jay Gatsby or Daisy Buchanan for a hot look that will make the crowds swoon!

Experiment with Color

The warmer months are a great time to experiment with color–if you end up with a major coloring faux pas, you can blame it on the chlorine from all those lazy weekends at the pool and the extreme direct sunlight.


The Updo

Finally, if you simply can’t part from your current hair color and length, then opt for the cute updo.  The key to rocking an updo is to take the time to pull the hair up carefully.  With most updos, you can’t employ the “throw it in a ponytail technique.”  You want the look to seem effortless–and not a little bit of a large mess–so you’ll actually have to put forth some effort to rock it.  Brush the hair into a high pony, then begin twisting the ponytail into a spiral.  After twisting it, wrap the spiral around the base of the ponytail, then secure the updo with bobby pins or an additional ponytail holder.

Donut Bun

The End.  Now, go out and make us proud with your new hair!


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