Feeling Eggcellent: Easter Sunday Fashion

Easter Sunday brings about much joy as families head off to church, children scavenge for eggs, and parents indulge in brunch. In doing all this, people bring out their Sunday best with some holiday twist as they strut through towns. Easter in a holiday where outfits are bold and loud, but still hold a certain classiness. So bust out the colors and take some of these tips in putting together the perfect Easter attire.

It’s All About Pastels


Fall in love with color on Easter. Baby blues, canary yellows,  and plum purples are all the rage. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and truly embrace the springtime.

Dress To Impress


The sun is shining and a weather is a warm, what better formula for a dress. Keep it simple with solid colors, pair eloquently with other pastels or neutrals. Top it off with some small, simple accessories and you’re ready to take on the holiday.

dc39ca21b623a563752a5f22c48fd488.jpg Or you could ditch the traditional solids and showcase the patterns. Be experimental while you flaunt your floral and cultivate your color.

Long or short, any dress can be on display on Easter Sunday.

We Hope You Prepped


Guys, you can’t let the ladies hog on the spotlight on Easter. It’s springtime, so bring out your loafers, plaid shirts, and polos. Pair color with more color or keep it classy with some browns, grays, or blacks. Shorts and a blazer, why not? Own your outfit and embrace the springtime vibes.

Suit Yourself


In the professional world, you spend a lot of time in suits. Those suits though, are boring. They are gray, black, or blue. It’s Easter, so none of those rules apply. Keep your blazers pink, your ties blue, and your pants green. Be daring on this holidays and make your suits pop.

It’s hard to go wrong with your outfit on Easter Sunday. Embrace colors and patterns, mix and match, and don’t shy away from the boldness and calmness that the holiday brings.


I do not own any of these images. All rights are reserved for the owner.


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