Music Festival Fashion

Festival season is upon us. Coachella starts today out in California and they just keep coming after that with Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Summerfest, Ultra and of course the local LouFest at the end of the summer. These festivals feature artists from the Indie scene to Rap to Electronic and everything in between. Summer also brings to light the country music scene with its iconic soundtrack of cold beer, hot days, and long nights. With all this good live music, here are some tips for you concert goers to stay dressed to impress (and for pictures) all summer long.

Hats and Sunglasses

Most of these festivals are held outside where the sun beats down on you all day. Accessorize your outfit with a pair of sunglasses or a hat that double as your protection against the sun.  A popular hat style among festivals is wide brimmed but if you’re not a hat person another trend you could rock is headscarves. Sunglasses vary by the person but some of the popular styles include oversized and mirrored shades.




Over-the-top Jewelry and Body Chains

Another great way to accessorize your outfit is through cool jewelry. One trend is rings, as many as you can stack on your hands. Rings of all sizes are welcome and many people are even mixing metals. Another trend is statement jewelry. Many of the clothes worn to these festivals are exposing leaving a lot of skin open for jewelry. To go along with the flowy nature of many of the outfits come body chains which add to the effortless look of the outfit.





While you may be tempted to wear sandals with the warmer weather it may not be the best idea. With the dusty or potentially muddy ground and all the people who have potential to spill drinks on your feet I would recommend a pair of cute booties. They keep your feet protected with still being very stylish.



More looks for inspiration



Hope this helped with all your music festival needs. Have fun and stay safe.



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