Workplace Myths: How to Care2Wear

It’s difficult to make that wardrobe transition from college student to working professional, but Divine Danette from the Care2Wear team wants to help with that shift from wearing sweats to wearing suits by dispelling a few myths.

MYTH 1:  Business Attire = Classic Black, Gray, or Navy Suit and a White Collared Shirt

Relax!  The fashion police will not come after you for wearing colors other than black, navy, or gray in the workplace.  The trends in business attire are changing, so your wardrobe should change as well.


Vary your black and navy suits by adding a pop of color to your look.    A fuchsia or gold blouse will go a long way in creating visual interest for the classic navy suit.  If you want a simple twist to the classic suit, wear the white, buttoned shirt untucked so that it peeks out at the bottom of the jacket, and pair the suit with a chic pump and a swanky bag large enough to carry your laptop and files.

Women's shoes

Women's tan tote

Women's red jacket


Add a patterned pocket square to your suit jacket along with a solid color dress shirt underneath.  Finish the look with a light or dark brown dress shoe.  To complete the style, Invest in a brown satchel bag to tote your belongings to and from work.

Man with Cup

MYTH 2:  Modest Jewelry for Women, and No Jewelry for Men

Most women feel as though they won’t be taken seriously if they show up to work wearing flashy jewelry, but if the jewelry is an appropriate addition to the look, you will appear confident and refined.  And aside from a wedding band, many men fear wearing jewelry in the workplace just as much as women do, but if worn fashionably, a man with jewelry will catch the right kind of attention!  The key for wearing jewelry is to wear only one bold statement piece at a time as to not overpower the look.


Try one of the following: a large chunky necklace, a charm bracelet, a large-face dress watch, a bold fashion ring, or two to five bracelets of various sizes (but similar patterns) stacked to perfection.  Any one of these items will surely set you apart from the crowd.


Invest in two or three “knock ‘em dead” gold, silver, and/or black watches trimmed with diamonds or Swarovski stones.  You could also pair a masculine link bracelet with any suit if you prefer.  Don’t forget: Cufflinks and tie pins that “bling” can also go a long way to complimenting a classic look.


If you want to rev up your workplace look for an office party, a special meeting, or for no particular reason at all, check out one of these looks!

WOMEN: Try pairing a patterned legging with a solid color bombshell wrap dress—the wrap silhouette looks great on every woman, and the patterned leggings are definitely trending this season!  Also, try wearing a red power suit (or an all-white super-structured suit) for that important meeting to make heads turn!, Macy’, Pinterest

MEN: Try mixing patterns such as a subtly striped pantsuit with a paisley or patterned tie.  Be sure that only one pattern stands out when looking at yourself from a distance in the mirror; otherwise, you risk making your look appear too busy.  Also, experiment with the folding of your pocket square—squares can be bunched up for a dramatic effect, or styled with one to three tips at the top, or just left flat in the pocket.   You could also forgo the jacket altogether on casual Friday, and wear a patterned tie with a colored shirt and a navy or black slim-fit pant.

Man's shirts and shoes

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